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Application for Voter Compact Disk
Political committees registered pursuant to the Illinois Campaign Finance Act or the Federal Campaign Act, or in the alternative, a governmental entity qualified under state law using the data for a governmental purpose and not in violation of any state laws or applicable ethics ordinances may purchase voter registration lists and associated voter history in electronic form.

Assumed Business Name -- Application
Individuals doing business in Lake County under an assumed business name are required by law to register the business name with the County Clerk's office.

Assumed Business Name -- Application Filing Instructions
Instructions for filing Assumed Business Name application.

Assumed Business Name -- Supplementary Filing Instructions
Supplementary Assumed Business Name filing instructions.

Assumed Business Name -- Business Owner Addition
Individuals with an existing registered "Assumed Business Name" who wish to add an owner to the business.

Assumed Business Name -- Change
Individuals with an existing registered "Assumed Business Name" who wish to change the owners' legal name or address or business address change or addition.

Assumed Business Name -- Withdrawal
Individuals with an existing registered "Assumed Business Name" who wish to withdraw an owner(s) or cancel an Assumed Business Name.

Birth Record Request Form
Form to request a copy of a birth record.

Birth Record Release Authorization Form
Form to authorize a legal representative to request a copy of a birth record.

Civil Union Record Request Form
Form to request a copy of civil union record.

Death Record Request Form
Form to request a copy of a death record.

Declaration of Intent to be a Write-In Candidate
Form to declare intention to become a write-in candidate.

Hospitalized Voter Form
Ballot application for a voter admitted to a hospital, nursing home or rehabilitation center within 14 days of an Election.

Illinois Mail-in Voter Registration Form
Under federal law, citizens may apply to register to vote by mailing in an application. When you register by mail your mail-in form must be postmarked prior to the close of registration. In addition, a person must vote for the first time in person and may not vote by mail, unless the person first provides sufficient proof of identity and the County Clerk verifies the person's proof of identity

Marriage Record Request Form
Form to request a copy of a marriage record.

Solicitor Registration Form
Solicitor Registration Form (Applicants must appear in person with State ID or driver's license)

Statement of Economic Interests Form
Blank Statement of Economic Interests Form

Student Election Judge Application
The availability form will help determine where you may be scheduled to serve (home precinct, local area, out of township). You may also indicate your interest in serving as a Ballot Box Judge or a Laptop Judge.

Vacancy in Office Form
Form for local units of government to notify the County Clerk's Office of vacancies and appointments to office.

Voter Registration - Mail-in form
Blank voter registration form. Fillable PDF that can be completed on the computer and printed, or printed out blank.

To request a Ballot by Mail for the March 2016 Primary, log in to Voter Power.
Vote by Mail program forms will once again be available after the Election.

Voting by Mail -- Snowbird Enrollment
Voters who reside in Lake County but spend part of the year outside of the county (usually winters) may enroll in our Snowbird Program. During the periods requested, an application for ballot will be mailed to the alternate mailing address designated by the voter.

Voting by Mail -- Temporarily Absent Student Enrollment
Students who temporarily live outside their precinct while attending school may complete this form to enroll in the Student Voting by Mail Program and receive an application for ballot at the address specified.

Voting by Mail -- Permanent Enrollment
This program is intended to simplify voting for voters who wish to receive an application for ballot at the address indicated and for the elections specified.



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