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Tax Extension Process
Tax Redemption Process
Tax Extension Data
Estimate of Redemption
Tax Extension FAQs
Tax Redemption FAQs
Tax Redemption Sample Timeline
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Tax Extension and Redemption

The County Clerk has two main property tax responsibilities:

Tax Extension

Based on levies set by each local taxing district and property values established by township assessors and the Chief County Assessor’s Office, property tax rates are calculated and state statutory limits are applied.

Tax Extension Process Explained

Tax Extension Data by District

Tax Extension FAQs
Tax Redemption

Any property taxes remaining unpaid are sold at a tax sale toward the end of the year. The County Clerk’s Office administers the tax redemption process, which gives the property owner a period of time to pay the sold taxes without losing ownership of the property.

Tax Redemption Process Explained

Estimate of Redemption

Tax Redemption FAQs

Tax Redemption Sample Timeline
How is Your Tax
Rate Calculated?
Property Values and
Tax Extensions
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and Your Tax Bill
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